Lifes a bitch……..

Sooo…. I always thought about writing a blog, and I never got around to doing it. But life has a funny way of pushing you in certain directions, and showing you that nothing is permanent, forever or a certainty….. 12 weeks ago my husband died suddenly after a chilled, snuggly night on the couch watching Game of Thrones. Life was good….. the kids challenged us daily, but each night we reflected on how tough it was each day, but how much we loved them and each other, and after nine years we were pretty damn happy with that.  One tiny little clot that was overlooked twice in emergency the week prior took out the most beautiful, hilarious, loyal and wonderful man I ever had the pleasure of knowing, loving and sharing parenthood with…… and I really thought we were invincible. Clearly we were not…..

4 thoughts on “Lifes a bitch……..”

  1. Love ya guts matey. Thanks for sharing such personal things. You are an amazAballs woman and don’t ever forget it. xx

  2. Thanks Rach, just think, I’d never have you in my life if it wasn’t for him. For that alone I’ll be eternally grateful.

  3. That’s beautiful Andy…….. I’m the same….. I must say “I miss you Babe” to the universe five times a day. It somehow releases it from within, and prevents me from exploding….. Love you matey. xxxxxxxxx

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